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AG-Placid work with a lot of high profile vendors, manufacturer of networking, computing devices and software; we are well positioned to offer our customers high quality and objective advice on any ICT related project. In certain situation, AG-Placid offer free training to her client in order to enable them appreciate and understand better the quality of the advise they would receive. We base our project consulting method on the tried, tested and trusted project management model of Project in Controlled Environment (PRINCE2).  

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Backhual Services for Rural Telephony

We have played a key role in the expansion of rural telephony and giving access to the underserved rural population of Nigeria. Working with the major player we have installed and managed alot of base station across rural Nigeria using VSAT to backhual the services and solar electricity solution to provide uninterrupted electricity to all the sites. Our work speak for us, we are happy to take on new projects in this regard. We have an expert to ensure that the setup goes smoothly with challenges.

Fiber Optic Internet Services

Millions think they pay for ‘fibre optic broadband’ but only a fraction actually receive true fibre optic performance. Don’t settle for half measures, fit a full AG-Placid connection and experience 20x faster internet today. AG-Placid provides about the fastest raw fiber optic internet speed in Abuja. We service both the residential and  business customer. We constantly hit over 99% availability each month. Switch to AG-Placid and enjoy reliable and fast internet speed.

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Solar Electricity Design and Installation

Electricity is an essential resource for every business and household. Without electricity, you can't build an ICT infrastructure, unfortunately in Nigeria electricity is in short supply and not very affordable. Here at AG-Placid with try to solve the problem through solar energy. We solar electricity solutions to address address all your electricity need at reasonable prices.

Corporate Email & Cloud Storage Solution

Keep your files in one place.
Manage documents online with an easy to use interface.
Rely on an highly secure cloud storage.

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ICT Training & Certification

AG-Placid offers a wide range of training and certification course for entry level, Intermediate and advance level ICT professionals. Here are some of the courses/Training we offer:

MTA Microsoft Database Fundamental

Microsoft Exchange Server - Training only Certification now retired

Sophos Certified Administrator - Sophos (XG/XGS) Firewall

Sophos Certified Administrator - Sophos Central Endpoint and Server Protection

CompTIA A+

CompTIA Network+

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Most contemporary businesses now have a lot of their operations and asset based online hence the need to secure these electronic asset has become essential for most organisations. Secure your business against the ever-evolving world of cybercrime with managed security and monitoring solutions that deliver. Our secure solutions include basic security solutions, such as managed firewall protection and threat detection, to services designed to tackle growing threats such as DDoS Protection (DDoSX), penetration testing and red teaming.

Digital Marketing

We offer a comprehensive digital marketing package; we are expert in the field, we deliver results not excuses. Complete, integrated digital marketing designed to improve your online offering in line with your KPIs, whether they are based on traffic, conversions or revenue. We offer the following digital marketing services: 






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